Bozaquel-Morais BL~Montero-Lomeli M, 2017

Pubmed ID 28076367
Title A Chemogenomic Screen Reveals Novel Snf1p/AMPK Independent Regulators of Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase.
Authors Bruno L Bozaquel-Morais, Juliana B Madeira, Thiago M Venâncio, Thiago Pacheco-Rosa, Claudio A Masuda, Monica Montero-Lomeli
Abstract Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (Acc1p) is a key enzyme in fatty acid biosynthesis and is essential for cell viability. To discover new regulators of its activity, we screened a Saccharomyces cerevisiae deletion library for increased sensitivity to soraphen A, a potent Acc1p inhibitor. The hits identified in the screen (118 hits) were filtered using a chemical-phenotype map to exclude those associated with pleiotropic drug resistance. This enabled the identification of 82 ORFs that are genetic interactors of Acc1p. The main functional clusters represented by these hits were "transcriptional regulation", "protein post-translational modifications" and "lipid metabolism". Further investigation of the "transcriptional regulation" cluster revealed that soraphen A sensitivity is poorly correlated with ACC1 transcript levels. We also studied the three top unknown ORFs that affected soraphen A sensitivity: SOR1 (YDL129W), SOR2 (YIL092W) and SOR3 (YJR039W). Since the C18/C16 ratio of lipid acyl lengths reflects Acc1p activity levels, we evaluated this ratio in the three mutants. Deletion of SOR2 and SOR3 led to reduced acyl lengths, suggesting that Acc1p is indeed down-regulated in these strains. Also, these mutants showed no differences in Snf1p/AMPK activation status and deletion of SNF1 in these backgrounds did not revert soraphen A sensitivity completely. Furthermore, plasmid maintenance was reduced in sor2Δ strain and this trait was shared with 18 other soraphen A sensitive hits. In summary, our screen uncovered novel Acc1p Snf1p/AMPK-independent regulators.
Citation PLoS ONE 2017; 12:e0169682


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Bozaquel-Morais BL~Montero-Lomeli M, 2017 growth (undefined) soraphen A [0.2 ug/ml] YPD hap a ~4,860 Quantitative only for hits
Bozaquel-Morais BL~Montero-Lomeli M, 2017 growth (undefined) soraphen A [0.4 ug/ml] YPD hap a ~4,860 Quantitative only for hits

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